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Supporting our Veterans

We must ensure that our government and our society are repaying the debts owed to our service members, both active and inactive. 

Congress should not politicize veterans issues. We should expect our elected officials to work in bipartisan fashion to find common-sense solutions for our service members.

As former VA Secretary David Shulkin warned, privatization would reward companies and undermine care for veterans. That is why I am opposed to all efforts to privatize the VA system. Privatization leads to down-sizing, consolidating, and, ultimately, the reduction of services to our veterans.

Our district spans over 17,000 square miles, yet there are only four VA community-based out-patient clinics in the district. We must push for increased federal funding to expand the existing clinics and to open new clinics in under-served areas.

We must also take legislative action to smooth the transition from active duty to veteran service, including increasing access to affordable and sustainable housing, improving treatment for mental health issues and other disability support, and creating incentives companies to hire and train veterans.

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