Chintan Desai's Statement on Jeff Sessions' Marijuana Directive - Desai for Congress

Chintan Desai's Statement on Jeff Sessions' Marijuana Directive

Chintan Desai’s Statement on Jeff Sessions’ Marijuana Enforcement


Helena, AR (January 6, 2018) —- On January 4, 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a marijuana enforcement memo stating possession and distribution of the drug is against federal law, rolling back an Obama-era guidance allowing states to legalize marijuana.

Despite forty-six states legalizing some form of marijuana, our administration refuses to recognize the economic and medical benefits in favor of oppressing minorities and working class Americans.

Jeff Sessions’ continued effort to stigmatize marijuana and its users is a direct abuse of power and an affront to minorities targeted by stringent drug enforcement. Congress has an incredible responsibility to recognize the laws set in place by state legislatures that protect citizens’ right to both medicinal and recreational marijuana.

Members of Congress, including Rick Crawford, are once again choosing to stay silent on this issue. Chintan Desai, Democratic candidate for Arkansas’s First Congressional District is fully prepared for discussion about medical marijuana and the states’ rights to choose what they deem best for its constituents.