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Our belief in the equality of opportunity, regardless of one's station in life, is the heart and soul of American exceptionalism.

This means that economic opportunity and stability should be attainable by all Arkansans.

This means that good health and affordable access to healthcare should be attainable by all Arkansans.

This means that high-quality education that helps children thrive now and prepares them for well-paying jobs in the future should be available to all Arkansan children.  

All Arkansans, whether our seniors, our veterans, or our children, deserve more. They deserve to no longer be ignored or forgotten. They deserve investment, commitment, and support to prosper in these times of uncertainty, economic volatility, income inequality, and political and racial divisiveness.

Arkansas is a place of promise, of strong communities and stronger people. They need a Congressman who will stand with them and for them.

  • A Better Education
    For too long, the children of Eastern Arkansas have been ignored by politicians in Washington. As a teacher and an educator, Chintan knows the unlimited potential of our students.
  • Making College Affordable
    We must fight so that every hard-working Arkansan has the opportunity to attend college regardless of their family's income status. We must ensure that Arkansans are able to graduate without falling deeply into debt.
  • Universal Healthcare
    Access to affordable, quality healthcare is a basic human right. We must protect and expand Medicare so that all Americans have access to healthcare, regardless of income status.
  • Growing the Rural Economy
    Many rural communities have seen job loss, population loss, and stagnant or declining wages. Arkansas needs policies to strengthen its agricultural and manufacturing sectors while adapting to these new conditions.
  • Raising the Minimum Wage
    Individuals and families working in low-wage jobs do not make enough income to meet their basic needs such as shelter, food, and other necessities given the cost of living. We must raise the minimum wage to a living wage.
  • Agriculture
    All Arkansan farmers, regardless of their acreage, the types of crops they grow, or their backgrounds, deserve the support to sustainably grow and diversify their production.
  • Combating the Opioid Epidemic
    Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem in Arkansas. We must do more to combat the opioid epidemic afflicting our country today.
  • Fighting for Seniors
    Our seniors deserve to receive their full Social Security and Medicare benefits without fear that their elected officials will renege on their promises to them.
  • Supporting our Veterans
    We must ensure that our government and our society are repaying the debts owed to our service members, both active and inactive. 
  • Women's Rights and Health
    We must support efforts to ensure that there is equal pay for equal work. All women, regardless of income or background, should have access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare.
  • Defending LGBTQ+ Rights
    LGBTQ rights are civil rights and human rights. We must uphold the Constitution's guarantee of equal protection for all people under the law.
  • Fixing Campaign Finance
    The special interest stranglehold over our government must end. America's promise of equal citizenship cannot be realized under a broken campaign finance system that allows for unlimited and undisclosed money.
  • Ending Cruel Immigration Practices
    Chintan's parents immigrated to America before he was born to find the job opportunities necessary to raise a family. We should not separate children from parents who are trying to do the same.
  • Making Trade Fair
    Arkansas farmers and families should not be used as pawns in a misguided trade war. We must work towards a more fair and sensible trade policy that will deter currency manipulation and other unfair trade practices.

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