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Fixing our Broken Campaign Finance System

The special interest stranglehold over our government must end. America's promise of equal citizenship cannot be realized under the current campaign finance system.

We must fight for legislative efforts that will reform this system. These efforts include:

  • The Democracy for All Amendment, which would amend the Constitution to overturn the badly misguided Citizens United decision.

  • The DISCLOSE Act, which would require "dark money" groups to disclose their donors and spending when they engage in any political activity that is intended to influence a federal election.

  • The Keeping Our Campaigns Honest Act, which would require "dark money" groups to disclose the names of their major donors that are funding their political ads.

  • The Government By The People Act, which would grant voters a tax credit for up to $50 for campaign contributions, which would incentivize candidates to seek widespread small-dollar funding.

  • The Get Foreign Money out of US Elections Act, which would expand the current ban on campaign contributions and independent expenditures by foreign nationals to include foreign-owned and foreign-controlled domestic corporations.

Our campaign has pledged to not take corporate PAC money. We must fight the scourge of "dark money" and corporate PAC money by running grassroots campaigns that are supported by tens of thousands of small-dollar donors.

We must have full accountability and transparency both in our campaign finance system and in our political process. Our elected officials must be beholden to the people they serve and to the principles they believe in, and not to the highest bidder.

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