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We are building a coalition of support at the local, state, and national level including organizations, local leaders and people like you.

National Organizations


State & Local Organizations

  • Arkansas AFL-CIO

  • Progressive Democrats in Action of NE Arkansas

  • NEA Indivisible

  • Central Little Rock Indivisible

  • Our Revolution Mountain View

Local Representatives

  • Former Congressman Marion Berry

  • State Senator Keith Ingram

  • Randolph County Judge John Thomison

  • Phillips County Judge Clark Hall

Individuals like you

“Chintan Desai knows the value of hard work. He would look out for East Arkansas' greatest resources- it's people, kids, and of course farmers! Very smart, hardworking guy. He never would have supported the policies that are now hurting Arkansas farmers.” - Cortney McKee

“I am proud to support Chintan Desai because he is a voice for what Arkansans need. Working as an educator and a leader in an underserved area, he knows very clearly what our district needs and what policies will help ALL Arkansans. His grassroots support team is working every day to reach Arkansans with his clear and progressive message. The first district needs Chintan Desai.” - Rebekah Evans


“The level of dedication Chintan has shown in his campaign thus far is proof that he understands that to represent the people, you have to know the people. I know the amount of dedication he puts into his campaign will only grow once I’m fortunate enough to call him my congressman.”

 - Blake Ross

“I endorse Chintan because he will always have his community’s interests at heart. I know how important Arkansas is to him and that he will listen and make decisions based on its needs, not a bottom line. He is young, enthusiastic and hardworking. I have full confidence he will represent his community diligently.” - Loredana Valtierra

“I endorse Chintan Desai because he cares deeply for the Arkansas Delta.” - Austin Coleman

“I endorse Chintan because he shows up for everyone. Chintan has a heart for service, for education, and for supporting those who need his voice. I’ve never had a conversation with Chintan when I felt like he was scrolling through his thoughts for a party line. He’s intelligent and seeks to improve my beautiful home state.” - Jennifer Hidy-Pitts

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