END POVERTY IN 30 YEARS - Desai for Congress


End Poverty in 30 Years

Fight for all Arkansas families to achieve the American dream.

As a country and as a state, we pride ourselves on being the land of opportunity.  However, for the 35 million Americans who live in poverty, opportunity  and the hope of a better life are out of reach.  By implementing the following strategies, we CAN cut poverty percentages by one-third within 10 years and ELIMINATE it within the next generation.  I strongly support:

  • Building stronger families by providing higher paying jobs,
  • Equitable access to top-quality education and vocational opportunities,
  • Providing public housing vouchers for those with jobs but who are still unable to fully provide for their families by rolling back tax breaks that benefit top earners
  • Creating one million housing vouchers over five years to provide housing in safe neighborhoods in areas where good jobs are available,
  • recommending a 1% universal fee on all financial transactions including stock trades, and
  • Strengthening labor unions and raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.
  • We have both a moral responsibility and an economic need to lift these families up and make Arkansas a better place for all of us.