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Desai Reacts to GOP Tax Reform Bill

Helena, AR (December 19, 2017) -- Today, Representative Rick Crawford aided and abetted in passing the hastily-written GOP tax reform bill.


The Republicans, desperate for a victory, pushed through an ill-advised overhaul of the American tax code without fully vetting the repercussions. However, the bill protects their cronies in the top one percent while stripping 13 million working-class Americans of healthcare, according to the Congressional Budget Office.


Crawford supporting this bill should come as no surprise as his voting record clearly indicates he will do whatever it takes to appease his campaign donors and ensure his rank among the wealthy and elite.


Chintan Desai, Democratic candidate for Arkansas’s First Congressional District, is fully prepared to debate Congressman Crawford and, if elected, to propose new ideas for providing the working-class with a better way of life.