Issues - Desai for Congress


End Poverty in 30 Years

Fight for all Arkansas Families to Achieve the American Dream

As a country and as a state, we pride ourselves on being the land of opportunity.  However, for the 35 million Americans who live in poverty, opportunity  and the hope of a better life are out of reach.  By implementing the following strategies, we CAN cut poverty percentages by one-third within 10 years and ELIMINATE it within the next generation.  I strongly support:

  • Building stronger families by providing higher paying jobs,
  • Equitable access to top-quality education and vocational opportunities,
  • Providing public housing vouchers for those with jobs but who are still unable to fully provide for their families by rolling back tax breaks that benefit top earners
  • Creating one million housing vouchers over five years to provide housing in safe neighborhoods in areas where good jobs are available,
  • recommending a 1% universal fee on all financial transactions including stock trades, and
  • Strengthening labor unions and raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.
  • We have both a moral responsibility and an economic need to lift these families up and make Arkansas a better place for all of us.


Fighting for Healthy Arkansas Families

We need to ask everyone to share in the responsibility of making healthcare work in this country by striving for the following:

  • Subsidized health insurance purchases for Americans who need it most,
  • require that all Americans purchase health care, and
  • require that everybody get preventive care, and require employers to offer health insurance through the Medicare system as one option for their employees, and
  • Oppose Rick Crawford and the Republican Congress’ efforts to take health coverage away from 367,000 Arkansans (New Urban Institute).

In short, Medicare for all.

College for Everyone

Fight to Give Every Arkansan the Opportunity to Receive an Excellent Education

It is important that our young people learn the values of hard work and service.  It is also extremely important that they have access to higher education and means to graduate without taking on enormous debt.  I support:

  • First year college students agreeing to work part time in various state or national service projects in exchange for their tuition, books, and fees,
  • Ending exorbitant federal subsidies given to the banks that make student loans
  • Families earning up to $125,000 will pay no tuition at in-state four-year public colleges &  universities, and
  • Every single cent spent on college tuition being tax deductible, and
  • Community college and vocational school will be tuition free.

I believe these policies would act as an incentive in ensuring that young people further their educations.

Second Amendment Rights

I firmly believe in our right to defend ourselves. However,  it is imperative that we enact common-sense restrictions on gun ownership to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, such as:

  • A ban on high-capacity magazines, and
  • background checks requirement for all gun purchases

Arkansas ranks fifth in the nation for death by gun violence.  Simply retooling our gun laws could make a significant change and keep our state safe and free of gun violence.  

Energy Independence and Halting Climate Change
New Energy and Jobs for Arkansas

Leading by example, I want to ensure first that my campaign is carbon-neutral. We will purchase carbon offsets to reduce our carbon emissions will only buy recycled paper products. On a larger scale, I am fierce in my opposition against drilling in the Arctic and supportive of the standard that would require renewable sources to be the source of 10 percent of America's electricity by 2020.

  • Our goal should be 80% reductions of greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels by the year 2050,
  • Establish a cap-and-trade system to reduce carbon dioxide emissions,
  • reducing the cap every year, and
  • auctioning off the right to emit a certain quantity of greenhouse gases.

The proceeds would then go to fund research for alternative energy sources such as wind and solar in an effort to end the United States’ reliance on imported foreign oil.

Supporting Arkansas Women and Families

  • Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act,
  • Ensuring birth control is readily accessible to all women,
  • Upholding the Supreme Court precedent which says that a woman’s right to an safe abortion is her own choice,
  • Funding Planned Parenthood and other non-profit health clinics.

In a perfect world, no children will be born of rape or criminal activity, no birth would be to the risk of the mother's life, and our society will offer enough support to young mothers to ensure the well being of newly born infants. Unfortunately, we do not yet live in that world.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Despite forty-six states legalizing some form of marijuana, our administration refuses to recognize the economic and medical benefits in favor of oppressing minorities and working class Americans. The continued effort to stigmatize marijuana and its users is a direct abuse of power and an affront to minorities targeted by stringent drug enforcement. I support:

  • Expanding covered conditions, including opiate addiction,
  • Focusing on rehabilitation rather than jail sentencing for offenders, and
  • Reducing sentencing disparities that see a disproportionate number of black and latino americans incarcerated.

Congress has an incredible responsibility to recognize the laws set in place by state legislatures that protect citizens’ right to both medicinal and recreational marijuana.

Veterans’ Affairs

We owe our country’s veterans the utmost respect and care that they deserve. I firmly believe that those we send into combat should be taken care of once they return home to their families. This would include:

  • Open access to private facilities,
  • Housing homeless veterans,
  • Re-upping GI Bill to provide them with an education, and
  • Making healthcare more accessible through the VA.

In America, we take great pride in supporting our troops. I want to make sure we support them both on the battlefield and here at home.

Immigration and DREAMers

I am the son of immigrants, so the issue of immigration is one that I will take on in great stride. This country was built on the backs of immigrants and I pledge to do whatever it takes to protect them, including:

  • Passing the DREAM Act to ensure children of immigrants receive an opportunity for an education,
  • Opposing Trump’s border wall and its funding,
  • Modernizing the VISA system, and
  • Reform immigration laws to legalize the status of millions already in the country, and
  • Make the process of legalization much easier and attainable.